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Quoting from our by-laws regarding the Friends "purpose":

The purpose of the Friends of the Pittsford Community Library shall be:

·         To promote increased awareness and knowledge of the services and needs of the Pittsford Community Library [hereafter known as “the Library”];

·         To encourage and sponsor volunteer services for the Library;

·         To augment Library services, programs, and materials beyond those covered by the Library’s normal operating budget, through fund raising activities; 

·         To promote cultural and related programs for the Pittsford Community; 

·         To encourage and proactively support local, county, state, and national library advocacy initiatives. 

We do our best to support these goals. We have a fluctuating membership of about 300 paid members, and a governing Executive Committee of about 16 members who oversee and are responsible for our financial situation, our strategies and actions, as a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization. A member of the Library Trustees usually attends our EC meetings, and our President usually attends their meetings.

Folks join the Friends to support the Friends and the Library, both monetarily and by volunteering. That membership allows them to come to the "members only" opening evening of our semi-annual book sales to get a first look at all the sales have to offer. We have a cadre of about a hundred volunteers who work diligently to plan and organize, set up, run, and close down our semi-annual book sales, which are generating over $30K a year for the Library. There is a dedicated subset of these volunteers who are in our sorting room (right across from the Library's main entrance) every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from before 9 until all the recent donations have been evaluated and sorted... this is an ongoing, demanding, sometimes frustrating and challenging job, that our volunteers love to do.

The results of our ongoing membership dues, hall sales, mini-sales, and the semi-annual sales allow us to provide the Library with extra funding to support programs, books, materials, and media that would not otherwise be available to the Library. During our past fiscal year (6/1/16-5/31/17) we were able to fund the following thanks to our generous donors and hard-working volunteers:

·        $3250 Adult Fiction       

·        $3050 Adult  Non-Fiction

·        $1800 Adult Other (Hot Books)

·        $1700 Young Adult Books

·        $3750 Children’s Books

·        $4750 Adult Audio Visual

·        $500 Children’s Audio Visual

·        $9200 Program Expenses

·        $8000 for iPads to use in the library

·        $4000 for 2 televisions, etc., in the Fletcher Steele Room and Children’s area

·        $2500 for Great Courses material

·        $1100 for teen video games

·        $1000 from Mallery Memorial donations for Hot Books

·        Plus almost $6000 from the Woods bequest for non-fiction books and AV

Also of note, the librarians took donated books worth $972 list price to add to their collections.

The Friends also attend Monroe County Friends’ meetings to share and learn of mutual library-related activities, and participate in various advocacies in support of libraries. The Friends have no operating budget beyond those monies spent in support of our sales activities, and those funds provided to the Library.

We hope you are a Friend or consider becoming one.  In any case we hope you’ll think of us when you have books to donate or wish to find new ones at a great price.

With much gratitude,
Pam Burch
President, Friends of the Pittsford Library

amended August 15, 2017
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