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2017-2018 Friends of the Pittsford Community Library Annual Report

This has been another great year of successes for the Friends of the Pittsford Community Library. Our donors have been very generous bringing in their books, CD’s and DVD’s which the sorters have tirelessly, inspected, categorized and placed in the hall or storage boxes. Others have researched textbooks or potentially more valuable books and sent them or taken them to appropriate dealers.  Hundreds of volunteers have provided valuable assistance at our sales and children’s book swap. Our patrons have bought books, donated funds and joined as members, providing the funds that we have been able to use to pay for library expenses for the following:

$ 3,250

Adult Fiction

$ 3,050

Adult Nonfiction

$ 1,800

Other Fiction

$ 1,700

Young Adult Books

$ 3,750

J Books

$ 600

Adult Books On CD

$ 2,000

Adult Ebooks

$ 1,150


$ 3,000

DVD and Blu-ray

$ 500


$ 9,200

Library Programs

Total $30,000

$ 5,500 for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten for 3 years

 Interest on funds from the Woods bequest invested at RACF have funded almost $ 6,000 in nonfiction books and AV materials.

 We have also committed funding for the following:
$ 28,000 for self-serve checkout kiosks
$ 9,600 for media shelving
$ 15,500 for children’s room furniture

At this time we also have to recognize the special efforts of the following people who go above and beyond in their efforts:

  • Kay Layton who co-manages the sorting room so effectively and is vigilant in collecting the appropriate resources needed for the mini sales and children’s book swap.  The mini sales attract more each year.

  • Margaret Schenkel, who co-manages the sorting room and has co-chaired the past few sales, doing everything with efficiency, good cheer and effectiveness.

  • Sharon Spencer who has co-chaired the sales that have been streamlined and become more efficient under her no nonsense leadership and collaborative approach.

  • Nancy Dhurjaty who has done a great job on advertising and keeping the web site and Facebook page interesting, as well as being our vice-president ready to take over if needed.

  • Karen White who has continued as our faithful treasurer over many, many years, keeping us fiscally responsible.

  • Tim Smith who does a great job as secretary, keeping us on task.

  • Gary Weiner who with Art Nielsen, has facilitated the success of our textbook sales both locally and online and negotiates successfully with Mike Kraft.

  • Peppy Ehrlich who has kept our membership up to date and been a key presence in the sorting room, spending long hours there as she fills in whenever needed.

  • John Burch who helps Peppy with membership when needed, but more importantly, picks up book donations which is a frequent need of our aging population.  His deliveries to Henrietta have saved many books from the dumpster and brought more money to MCLS.  Discovering valuable books is also a specialty.

  • We are grateful to Gloria Sullivan and Dawn DuBois for their roles on the EC and in the sorting room.

  • Betty Schenk who is always there to answer questions and lead us in the right direction as she shares her vast knowledge of the Friends.

  • Neil Richards who has led the Friends so many years and still keeps us challenged with new ideas.

  • We also need to mention Mary Miller, Bobbie Jackson, and Pat Sulouff who evaluate special books for Rundel or the Antiquarian Sales.  Mary Miller also provides creative posters, bookmarks and signs for all occasions as well as graphics for the web site.

  • The hall display window displays done this year by Gloria Sullivan, Sandy Nelson and Paula Pilarsky have been beautiful, reflecting much time and talent.

  • Thanks also go to Jerry Weidenborner for keeping our equipment in good shape and to Eamon Creagan who regularly helps with the discards, as well as the town facilities staff who help with our sales.

  • Finally we thank our library director, Rhonda Rossman, for doing all she can to help our operation run smoothly, giving us early access for sale set-up and allowing the library staff to help donors leave their books. 

Congratulations to all on jobs well done and thank you for all your efforts!  Together, let’s continue to do our part to serve the library and the community.

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