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The Friends of the Pittsford Library recently lost one of their most dedicated and longest serving Friends, when Betty Schenk passed at the age of 88.


Betty was not only a pivotal initiator of what was to become our library's Friends group, but she was also a key driving force for the Friends, defining and leading our efforts for nearly half a century, 


 While Betty left the formal governing of our group to others, she formulated procedures and instructed all of us in the best ways to organize and manage the book sales that for decades have provided the library and our community with the additional resources that help allow our Pittsford library to remain a leader in upstate New York.


Betty was an inspiration and a dear friend for all of us. Her passion for books and the library was legendary, as was her knowledge of all things pertaining to evaluating the wonderful donations the Friends receive. She was also the mentor to countless new library Friends who volunteered to assist in our book sale endeavors.


Betty and I met many years ago, going back to when i had heard about a new library group holding a used book sale held in the corridors of a local grade school. The sale was a sheer joy and the beginning of a very special friendship that has lasted all these decades. I got to be immersed in books and made a true friend... What could possibly be better?


Betty was our key resource in evaluating books for our sales. Our sorters always had a "Betty Box" where they would place books and items they felt were unique enough to be evaluated by her. I was fortunate enough on occasion to assist her in her efforts... Although any differences of opinion were almost always won by Betty. 


You may not realize it, but while the Friends do receive a constant stream of desirable books, on occasion someone will part with a unique item, that will be researched and perhaps priced accordingly. Betty had an eagle eye for uncovering such treasures, which make our sales so appealing to both local literary enthusiasts as well as dealers from all over the upstate area.


Her passion for the library, the Friends, and all things bookish was only surpassed by her love for her family, and for her lovely home and flower gardens. 


On a personal note, Betty and I were true pals, and I miss her very much. We often went next door for coffee and to discuss books. These talks often segued into flowers and gardens. Both of us had ponds near our house with gold fish and plants. Betty always named her fish... However, they were all always called Fred. As Betty said, this way there was no confusion! 


One of my prized possessions is a lovely angel sitting and intently reading a book. Betty gave her to me years ago. She is on our fireplace hearth in winter, but when spring and flowers come, she sits next to my pond's waterfall to keep my goldfish company... And to remind me of Betty.


Our library and our community are so enriched by dedicated volunteers such as Betty and the many other members of your library's Friends group who spend countless hours supporting our library... And thanks again as always for your wonderful support of the friends of the Pittsford Community Library.

Neil Richards

Friends President 1997-2017




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